2 Weeks in France- 3 itineraries

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Do you know that France is the most visited destination in the world? Year after year, France receives 90 million tourists from all over the world. It’s undeniable that choosing where to spend 2 weeks in Europe is difficult. There are so many to see with so little time. But with France, a person has to visit it at least once in their lifetime.

France is a country well-known for many things, including fashion, food, wine, football, and of course, Paris, the city of love. The French language is even dubbed the most romantic language.

Europe’s highest mountain can be found here, and their gastronomy was even granted a UNESCO world heritage status. For cheese lovers, France has 1,600 different types of cheese, you’ll never run out of options. Escargot is also something distinctly French that is a must-try for those who are adventurous in terms of food exploration.

Aside from that, a lot of people include France in their bucket list of places they want to visit, that’s why it’s the world’s most popular tourist destination. Whether it’s because of the museums or the Eiffel tower, the reasons are simply endless.

Below, you will see three different itineraries for those who want to stay for 2 weeks in France. Aside from that, we’ll also provide you with travel tips on how to make your vacation more seamless.


4 images - eiffel tower, vineyards, fountain in lyon, and harbour city of marseille - 2-weeks in France

Before we get into the itineraries, there are a few things that you need to know first, such as getting around, the best time to go, as well as the language and currency.

It is imperative to know the modes of transportation available in various locations to account for the time it would take you to travel from one place to another. The information below will help you plan and write your own itinerary for 14-day France.

When is the best time to go to France

The best time to go depends on what season you prefer. April to May is their springtime, June to August is summer, and September to October is their autumn season. Their winter season is from December to February, so this is perfect for those who love or want to do winter activities.

However, please take note that summer is a peak season. There are more tourists, and the prices of accommodations and tours skyrocket. If you prefer the off-peak season, this is during February, right after the end of the winter season or sometimes after summer.

Getting around

There are various modes of transportation in France, including riding a train, ferry, taking a bus or coach, or boarding a plane and of course, you can use a bicycle, rollers, or segway.

Taxis are the most commonly used mode of transport here, but you could also drive if you want to, though there are some things you have to have before being allowed to drive, such as if your driver’s license is valid in France.

Renting a car to travel around France is actually one of the most affordable and convenient modes of transportation. You will have control of your time and the freedom to change your mind about the destination. You don’t need to book domestic flights and buses beforehand.

Just remember that in France, most cars are still using a stick or manual transmission. So, make sure that you are comfortable using that.

Language and currency

I’m sure you already know that France’s main language is French. Now, it’s time to learn some of the most common phrases that each tourist should know

  • bonjour – hello
  • merci – thank you
  • pardon – excuse me/sorry
  • parlez-vous Anglais – do you speak English
  • s’il vous plait – please
  • au revoir – goodbye

France’s currency is the Euro, which can also be used in 18 other countries that are a part of the EU. Euro replaced France’s previous currency, which was called Francs, in 2002.

It’s easy to get around France and pay using your bank card. However, it is still best to bring cash in case your card doesn’t work or the terminal is glitching.

Visa and COVID-19 policy

France implements the same visa policy as the entire EU. This means that if your passport is from North America, some Latin America, some East and Southeast Asia, and most of Oceania. Of course, if you have a passport from an EU member, you don’t need a visa to enter France, and you can stay for as long as you want.

France is open to tourists who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Unvaccinated travellers must have an important business/reason for travelling to France. All travellers have to present negative PCR or antigen test results. Read more from France’s official website.

Other travel tips


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France is one of the largest European countries regarding landmass and population. It is well-known for its culinary reputation, backed by the fact that it has the most Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs.

France is also famous for its historic towns, rich culture, and ancient waterways. 2 weeks in France might not be too much, but it’s enough to get a glimpse of its culture, history, and delicious food.

Itinerary #1: Paris, Calais, Dunkirk, Nice, Marseille

The first itinerary option for your 14-days in France includes the cities of Paris, Calais, Dunkirk, Niece, and Marseille. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Aside from the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre-dame, it is also well-known for the terraces in its cafes.

Calais, on the other hand, is a transport hub, a fishing port, and a centre for fish marketing. It is also France’s gateway to England.

Nice is popular among tourists for its beautiful scenery, Mediterranean climate, and annual festivals and parades, one of which is the Carnival de Nice.

Marseille is the sunniest major city in the country, and since the historic sights are well-preserved, expect to be amazed by the castles, museums, churches, and old streets. It also has some local dishes, including Bouillabaisse and Pastis, which are both must-try.

Paris for 3 days

If you need further convincing to visit the city of love, then prepare to be amazed. For art enthusiasts, you’ll find one of the most famous paintings in the world here, in the Louvre Museum, it’s Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

It also has an underground city called The Catacombs, and if you love taking long walks or going for a run and exploring nature, then you’re in for a treat because they have 450 parks and gardens. If you’re going to spend two weeks in France, you can allot 3 days in Paris and then spend the rest doing day trips around the city.

The capital can be an expensive city to explore, but there are many free things you can do in Paris. this includes visiting artworks and historical sites, all at no cost.

2 images - arc de triomphe and eiffel tower - 2-weeks in France

Calais and Dunkirk for 3 days

You can get to Calais from Paris by riding a bus, boarding a train, or driving. The fastest option would be to drive, and the cheapest would be to ride a bus. Both destinations are popular for having a lot of historical sites, including places related to World War II.

To reach Dunkirk, if you’re from Paris, you could either ride the train or drive. Some of the top tourist attractions here include Musee Portuaire, Beffroi de Dunkerque, Dunkirk 1940 museum, and Parc Zoologique de fort Mardyck, among others.

Nice for 4 days

From Calais to Nice, you could ride the train, ride a bus, drive, or a combination of taking a train and boarding a plane, which is the most recommended option as it is the fastest. If you’re coming from Dunkirk to Nice, you could also board the train, ride a bus, drive, or a combination of a train ride and boarding a plane, which, like the Calais to Nice route, is also the most recommended option.

Marseille for 4 days

You can go to Marseille from Nice by train, bus, or drive. The cheapest option would be to use a bus, and the fastest would be to drive.

Marseille is a popular destination because it is a lively and vibrant city. It has a well-known port that also carries a lot of historical value and still plays a big part in France’s economy. You can even take a ferry from Marseille all the way to Algiers in Africa. You can take boat trips or go on a cruise in Marseille.

However, if you want a true beach destination, Nice and Montpellier are the two best places to have stunning beaches near Marseille.

2 images - king louis XIV statue riding a horse located in Lyon and graveyard in normandy - 2-weeks in France

Itinerary #2: Paris, Bordeaux, Nice

The second itinerary option for your 2 weeks in France includes the city of Paris, Bordeaux, and Nice. Aside from being dubbed the city of love, Paris is also called the city of lights because it is among the first major cities in Europe to adopt street lighting.

Aside from the world-famous tourist attractions previously mentioned, Paris is also well-known for its contribution to world literature. Bordeaux is famous for its wine, so much so that it is considered the wine capital of the world. It is also well known for its mansions, art museums, and cathedrals. It is even declared a UNESCO world heritage site for its wealth of architectural treasures. Plus, it’s the region to go surfing.

Nice is famous not only for its beaches and natural scenery but also because of its museums, food, and Roman archaeological sites.

Paris for 5 days

You’ll already be able to enjoy a lot of famous sights and sceneries in Paris. However, it only gets better from there as it is also close to Calais and Dunkirk, cities filled with traces of history.

Some of Calais’ famous tourist attractions include Burghers of Calais, Town Hall, La Cite de la Dentelle et de la Mode, Calais Lighthouse, and Musee des Beaux-Arts de Calais, amo

Bordeaux for 4 days

To reach Bordeaux from Paris, you could take a train or bus or fly. The most recommended option would be to ride the train, but the fastest is to board a plane.

Bordeaux is perfect for wine connoisseurs and surfers. Some of the most famous tourist destinations in this area are Cathedral St. Andre, Chateau de la Brede, guided winery tours, Pont de Pierre, River Garonne cruise, Cote d’Argent surfing spot, and much much more.

Nice 4 days

If you’re coming from Bordeaux, you can go to Nice by train, bus, or plane. You will save a lot of time if you take a domestic flight.

This French Riviera coastal city is popular for many reasons. Beautiful sandy beaches, museums, historical sites, and a port that will take you to many places in the Medeterian Sea. From Nice, you can also reach the famous Cannes and Antibes.

Itinerary #3: Paris, Lyon, Nice

The third itinerary option consists of the cities Paris, Nice, and Lyon. Whether you’re sipping coffee or tea on one of the cafe terraces of the Boulevard of Saint Germain or having a cruise at the Seine River, you could do all of these in Paris.

Aside from having world heritage sites, Lyon is also known as the gastronomy capital of France and is famous for the production and weaving of silk. While Nice is a Mediterranean seaside city with a temperate climate all year round and looks most like Southern Italy.

Paris for 6 days

We couldn’t get enough of Paris, just like everyone else, and for a good reason. We fell in love at first sight upon seeing the Eiffel tower, but that’s not all there is with this magical city. Each neighbourhood (also known as a quartier) has its own charms.

The Latin Quarter has a labyrinth of narrow alleyways and pedestrian streets. Champs Elysees, on the other hand is brimming with energy, and Montmartre has an old-world village charm. Aside from that, Paris is close to both Dunkirk and Calais, which are both havens for history buffs.

Lyon for 4 days

You can go to Lyon from Paris by train, bus, driving, or boarding a plane. The travel time would take two to six hours, depending on your choice of mode of transport. The most recommended option would be riding a train.

Aside from all of the wonders Lyon offers, you could even have a day trip to Geneva, Switzerland, as it is only 2 hours away. Visiting two countries in a day is such a cool thing to experience.

2 images - boats lined up in marseille and festive banners hanging on the streets of bayonne - 2-weeks in France

Nice for 4 days

The modes of transportation from Lyon to Nice include boarding a train, riding a bus, using rideshare, driving, and boarding a plane. The travel time would take anywhere between three hours to eight hours, while a plane ride would be the fastest.


Now that you have an idea of places to include in your 2 weeks in France itinerary, it’s time to show you the top and most popular attractions in each city.

Paris and around

Lyon and around


  • Vieille Ville
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Castle Hill Park
  • Musee Matisse
  • Jardin Albert 1er
  • Marc Chagall National Museum
  • Villefranche Bay – enjoy a 1-hour cruise or have fun snorkelling
  • Castle of Nice
  • Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Foundation Maeght
  • Field of Lavender and Gorges of Verdon – best if visiting from spring to summer, then you must book a tour of the Lavender fields
  • Cathedrale Saint-Nicolas de Nice
  • Parc Phoenix
  • Cimiez Monastery
  • Basilique Notre-Dame de l’Assomption
  • Opera de Nice




  • Book a walking tour to hit up the top sites in one go or a tour of Bayonne and Biarritz together
  • Basque Museum
  • Bayonne Cathedral
  • Saint-Esprit
  • Biarritz
  • Surfing
  • Cathedrale Sainte-Marie de Bayonne
  • Cerreau des Halles
  • Bayonne Botanical Garden
  • L’Atelier du Chocolat-Musee du Chocolat – book a chocolate tasting
  • Plaine d’Ansot de Bayonne
  • Miramar Beach
  • Milady Beach
  • Marinella Beach
  • Plage d’Ilbarritz


Below is a compilation of places to stay in France, categorised by city. This list will help you find accommodations for your trip, depending on your budget. You should be able to find hotels, from budget ones to luxury resorts.




  • Affordable:
  • Mid-range:
  • Luxury:


  • Affordable:
  • Mid-range:
  • Luxury:


  • Affordable:
  • Mid-range:
  • Luxury:


  • Affordable:
  • Mid-range:
  • Luxury:


  • Affordable:
  • Mid-range:
  • Luxury:


2 weeks in France sounds like not a lot of time, and it’s true. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time in only 14-days. Thankfully, France has a pretty good transportation system making it easier for visitors to get from one place to another.

When making your own itinerary for France, don’t try to see and do everything. If you really like this country, leave some for your future visit. During this upcoming trip, list only 3-4 cities to see so you have plenty of time to enjoy it all without rushing yourself.

I hope that you found this 2 weeks in France itinerary helpful.


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