2 Weeks in Eastern Europe: 5 Itineraries

Mostar Old Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Despite being frequently overshadowed by its Western counterparts, Eastern Europe deserves a slot on your travel bucket list. From charming towns, natural beauty, and vibrant culture, I’ll highlight why this region should … READ MORE

2 Weeks in the UK: 6 Itineraries

a sunset photo of Tower Clock of London - 2 Weeks in the UK Itinerary

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2 Weeks in England: 3 Itineraries

a photo of stonhenge on a sunny day - 2 Weeks in England Itinerary

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2 Weeks in Croatia: 3 Itineraries

4 images - Dunrovnik, Zagreb Old Town, Plitvice Lakes, Split in Croatia - 2 Weeks in Croatia Itinerary

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2 Weeks in Poland: 2 Itineraries

crooked trees at Gmina Gryfino in Poland - 2 Weeks in Poland Itinerary

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2 Weeks in Turkey: 3 itineraries

Hagia Sophia - 2 weeks in Turkey itinerary

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2 Weeks in Italy: 4 itineraries

Brunelleschi Dome with a sunset background - 2 Weeks in Italy Itinerary

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2 Weeks in Iceland Itinerary

an image of Kirkjufell in Snaefellnes Iceland with northern lights - 2 Weeks in Iceland Itinerary

Iceland is located in the Western Region of Northern Europe which lies between Norway and Greenland in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. It is known as the “land of volcanoes”  since there are … READ MORE

2 Weeks in Portugal Itinerary

4 images - rock formations in lagos, lisbon bridge, madeira coastline, and porto bridge - 2 Weeks in Portugal Itinerary

You might have heard of the explorers Vasco de Gama and Ferdinand Magellan, or the world-famous football players Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo. Do you know what these people have in common? … READ MORE